Al momento stai visualizzando ST MICROELECTRONICS: INTO THE FUTURE WITH SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l.!
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It is now well-known that SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. places side by side its cooling towers to the greatest players in the most advanced technology sector. Where the industrial chilling is of fundamental importance, our towers guarantee continuity and reliability to those who worldwide operate in the most advanced technologies sector in the production of components devoted to the construction of high-level assembled.

This premise is even confirmed by the synergy SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. – TOWER TECH in the service of the very difficult chain of production of semiconductors managed by ST in its plant of Crolles in south France.

Very severe technicians have been able to appreciate how SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. work confirms its presence in the high-end sectors of the semiconductors and technological components production.

Direct forced draft towers with abatement systems of the plume have been particularly appreciated in the new configuration equipped with the revolutionary fans of Axial Fans International, a multinational corporation in the production sector of special axial fans and which belongs to our Group; the impellers have been developed just for the most severe applications in the low noise emissions field. 

Once more,  before anyone else, when to drive is the passion, the competence and the professionalism in the field!