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Monolithic structures made of seam welded sheets, with no synthetic joints, that ensure a robust structure as well as no leaks due to damages during transport or assembly. These are the most appreciated features of this kind of towers. Traditional, built and operating on systems with particularly aggressive waters, sometimes over twenty years before, they have always been appreciated in case of non-containerised shipment, where handling and stowage can slightly damage surfaces that can be easily repaired.

Other building features:
• SCAMBOND/STD surface treatment performed on wrought surfaces.
• Doors for inspections, switches for the detection of abnormal vibrations, protection grids for the fan systems complete the features of these towers.
• For this type too the DURABOND/HYB cycle is possible for the collecting basin. The cycle consists in a treatment on the basin internal surfaces made of a bi-component epoxy-polyamide cycle suitable for the following resin finish made of 2 fiberglass layers of 450 gr/m2 and a third finishing protection based on epoxy/polyester resin (overall thickness 1500 gr/m2).
• The protection systems, especially efficient in the hardest operating conditions, don’t exclude the possibility to have the whole structure in stainless steel on request. Some important clients, leaders in their sector, have asked us to develop customised towers.