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CCTS / CCFS series offers evaporative coolers (a.k.a. closed circuit evaporative towers or evaporative condensers) with smooth tubes heat exchange beams, designed to, respectively, cool water mixtures and to condense hot vapors. Those machines are made to be as resistant as possible to corrosion with a wide range of thermal potentiality, to a few kWs from 10 or more MWs.

All models are modular and totally factory pre- assembled to minimize installation costs on the site. Every model can be customized in terms of dimensions and project characteristics and can be designed to follow environmental constraints to reduce visual and acoustic impacts. For this matter, we planned special executions such as ATEX (“EX” versions), low noise (“LN” versions) and low temnperature (“SN” versions).

The main feature that distinguishes closed circuit evaporative towers from open circuit ones is that primary fluid, which runs in inner tube beams, is totally separated from cooling fluid’s secondary circuit. Secondary circuit is made of a recirculating pump, which conveys water from basin to spray nozzles on the top side of the tower. Tube beams water irroration allows the cooling of the inner fluid, using evaporative effect and consequential enthalpic exchange. Recirculating fluid, which can be both in a liquid or a gaseous state, is never going on contact with ambience, avoiding any type of contamination.

The main characteristics of these closed circuit evaporative towers are the following:

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