We have been approaching our history to the cooling tower one for more than 80 years without compromises, here is our belief.

SINCE 1936

“SCAM T.P.E. Srl, has honed a solid experience since the 1950s, when the first generation of the TORRIELLI family began working with SCAM S.p.A, an Italian offshoot of the French parent company and point of reference in the industrial thermotechnical field. In this stimulating framework, Lallo TORRIELLI devoted himself to learning the fundamentals of industrial heat exchange of any kind, and to engaging with the most important sector schools in Europe.

In the 1980s and 1990s, with the second generation of the family, Davide and Daniele TORRIELLI began to focus on evaporative towers, industrial ventilation and water treatment. These were the years that witnessed a contraction in the depreciation of industrial plants and demanded compact solutions installed in multipurpose spaces that could be used again to meet market expectations, in tune with the increasingly rapid development of technology and the need to install machines increasingly dedicated to specific systems. Package-type towers became the focal point of production, together with a wide range of more flexible and versatile accessory components.

The first few years of the new century brought with them significant market developments which allowed the Company to branch off into commercial sectors alongside traditional ones.

Indeed, in 2006, in partnership with a solid industrial reality that had been operating in the industrial heat engineering sector since the 1930s, the TORRIELLI family acquired the refrigerating towers packing business unit from SCAM S.p.A.: that is how SCAM T.P.E.(Towers Package Equipment) Srl. was born, the Company’s feather on the cap.”

Cooling Plants

SCAM S.p.A. was born in Turin as an expression of SCAM S.A. Societé de Condensation et Application Mecanique in Paris. In addition to the vocation for the engineering applied to the industrial thermotechnique, the planning and supply of tubes bundle evaporators, then multiflash, that equipped the great transatlantic liners such as Andrea Doria, Michelangelo, Raffaello. The submarines and the REX dreadnought have been the most significant examples of this.

In the fifties, the first generation of TORRIELLI family entered in business relationship with SCAM S.p.A. by devoting themselves particularly to Evaporative Water Cooling Towers.

In the eighties the first generation of the family dedicated themselves independently to cooling towers, in that period the industrial plants amortizations were reduced since the more and more rapid development of the technology, along with the need to install towers more and more dedicated to the various plants, required more compact towers, without any need of permits and with spaces that might be exploited again at the end of their life, in a polyvalent way. The PACKAGE TOWERS expanded powerfully.

In the nineties the second generation of the family consisting of the founder two sons, entered the market and, by progressively gaining experience, with more and more responsibility.

In two thousand years, the new century brought, for the first five years, a market development by entering commercial sectors different from the traditional one. During the second five years, by acquiring the cooling towers sector from SCAM S.p.A., SCAM T.P.E.

Towers Package Equipment S.r.l. was born. Under the drive of the second generation, the company grew considerably, with a young and dynamic staff and acquiring licenses for cutting edge technologies such as license agreements with Tower Tech in Oklahoma, company that holds patents for the realization of direct forced draft towers, characterized by an extraordinary technology, unmatched in the world.

Today SCAM T.P.E. has further expanded its own traditional commodity sector, by planning and realizing every type of towers with any type of material. Pumping systems, water treatments, energy recovering systems, noise attenuation systems even for existing towers, revamping, complete installations, after-market services and rentals are fully and steadily developing. Clearly new resources are necessary. A long time has passed but, thanks to our enthusiasm and the passion for our Job, we are not tired. However new perspectives are needed. The third generation of Torrielli’s is studying… at the moment we are teaching them honesty and fairness. For all the other, we are waiting for them.


SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l., in order to continuously improve its own management processes, has issued and promoted its company policy for Quality all over the sites wherein it operates. The Quality Policy is the guideline in order to achieve excellence in the Organization of SCAM T.P.E. Srl as far as planning, construction and installation of cooling towers are concerned and in order to become a trusted supplier for its Customers.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, SCAM T.P.E. Srl is committed in the fulfillment of the following:

• Active role of the Management and of every Employee for the continuous improving of SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. processes.

• Employees involvement, by giving the possibility to professionally grow within the Organization.

• Increase in the sense of belonging of each employee towards SCAM T.P.E. Srl, to enhance the teamwork in order to satisfy the Customer expectations.

• Formalization and regulation of the company processes, in order to satisfy the Customers requirements and to continuously improve the same processes.

• Commitment of products and services suppliers in the process of continuous improvement.

• Development of new products and services which may anticipate the Customers expectations and requests. Each employee is required to give his personal contribution in order to reach these goals and to keep a steady and lasting growth of SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l.

The company has maintained, since its establishment, a Quality System according to ISO 9001 standards