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FAS / FASF series, FAS / FASF series, designed for maximum corrosion resistance, offers open circuit cooling towers, with a wide range of thermal potentials from hundreds of kW to very respectable sizes over 10 MW. All models apply a modular concept and are fully factory pre-assembled to minimize on-site installation costs. Fan groups are characterized by large dimensions and are assembled on site. Each model can be customized with dimensions and characteristics based on project needs and in order to respect environmental constraints with reduced acoustic and energy impact. Regarding this, special executions are provided for ATEX environments (“EX” versions), for low temperature environments (“SN” versions), for low noise emissions (“LN” version) and with energy optimization systems (“VDI version”).

This series is used in all sectors in civil and industrial field in presence of corrosive environments (for metallurgy and beyond) with excellent results, thus being able to avoid the use of expensive materials such as stainless steel for structures. The main features of these open circuit evaporative towers are the following:

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