Al momento stai visualizzando TAS – TASF “QUALITY FIRST”

Refrigerating towers of this type are indicated for all civil and industrial sectors with a modular design. Besides the typical arrangement in line, the one in “clusters” makes for a better use of space and can be particularly useful when having to combine noise sources to treat them in more compact areas.

The main building features are:
• Hot-dip galvanizing of structures, SCAMBOMN/HYB.
• The use of sandwich panels that contribute to reducing noise levels beside looking good.
• Low weight ideal for high altitudes.
• For the internal surface of the basin and for the TASF type, the SCAMBOND/HYB cycle can be replaced with DURABOND/HYB covering, on request. This consists in applying two layers of VTR on the sanded support.
• Inspections and access to all areas of the tower are possible thanks to large VTR doors.
• In order to perform extraordinary maintenance interventions, it is possible to access through removable walls.
• This series also comes with external covering in AISI 304 or 316.