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We are proud to be able to present the revolutionary exchange system with “splash” principle called “SCAM LEGIOFREE” type SCAM/SP-LGF.

The “LEGIOFREE” dispersion systems for the towers dedicated to the food industry and that generally present an high quantity of suspended solids, have characteristics of anti-clogging with wide passages dispersion in order to prevent clogging of the dispersion system that may cause a reduction of its performances.

It was therefore necessary to consider a sturdy dispersion system and with generous passage cables with the following advantages:

• sturdy  stainless steel supporting structure;
• less structural weight;
• easy maintenance;
• elimination of the risks of  the mounts breaks  against solutions with “supported” dispersion.

The SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. R&D department has been working for some time to develop an exchange system in line with the strictest standards to prevent the formation of a very dangerous bacterium that causes legionellosis.

The single text on health and safety at work (d.lgs n. 81/2008 and subsequent changes) has included legionella pneumophila and legionella spp in group 2 biological agents of the attached XLVI (art. 268): “agent that can cause disease in humans and  presents a risk to workers…”.

There is therefore a legal obligation for the employer to prepare a document on legionnella risk assessment in accordance with the current legislation in terms of safety  (D.Lgs. N. 81 of 9 april 2008 and D.Lgs. 106 of 3 august 2009), and as approved in State-Regions Conference, during the sitting of 7 May 2015. The Legiofree system of SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. responds to these standards, by solving many problems associated with most exchange grids actually on the market that, due to their own geometry, hold much water at the plant stop, becoming very dangerous receptacles of bacterial formation.

To complete our technical proposal we have provided a recyclable material, with specially designed geometries, enabling our grid to ensure compliance with anti-legionella law rules in Europe as well as a performance increase of +7,5% in terms of exchange capacity, reduced aerial impact and improved durability over time thanks to the foreseen additional reinforcements.